A one day test will close a busy railroad crossing in Superior.  The BNSF Railroad has notified the City of Superior that their crossing at North 28th Street (between Corning and Elmira Avenues) will be blocked with train cars as they perform a necessary test on Thursday, February 6.

According to information released by the city, it's unclear as to how long of the day will be affected. The city's website suggests that these train cars will "potentially block the crossing for 20-30 minutes", however the alert that was sent out is suggestive of the closing lasting the entire day.

Either way, both the railroad and the city are urging drivers to find alternative crossing routes for Thursday, February 6.  The closest crossing to that area is over the 21st Street Viaduct; however the Belknap Viaduct could also be utilized - or - the crossing at Highway 105 in South Superior.

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