Being president of the United States might come with great power, prestige and responsibility, but it can also be a more difficult job than Robin Williams’ back hair waxer.

The commander-in-chief has to juggle so many responsibilities, issues and decisions that the job can break the most hardened of spirits and test the strongest of wills. Sometimes, however, it’s the little things that can get to them:

1. George Washington: Women hate guys with wooden teeth because of all the splinters.

2. Thomas Jefferson: You write one Declaration of Independence and every family member asks if you can write the eulogy.

3. Abraham Lincoln: Always too busy to go to the theater.

4. William Howard Taft: Had to devote half of the budget to widening doors and reinforcing floors around the White House.

5. Herbert Hoover: Those $&%*ing vacuums.

6. Richard M. Nixon: Secret tape recorders that make your voice sound goofier than it actually is.

7. Gerald R. Ford: Gravity.

8. Jimmy Carter: Only place that sells dental floss in my size comes from same company that makes the Navy’s anchor chains.

9. Ronald Reagan: Red phone always interrupts daily naps.

10. George H.W. Bush: Riding in the same motorcade as Vice President Quayle since he always begs us to stop at every Toys ‘R Us he sees.

11. Bill Clinton: Secret Service won’t allow a stripper pole in the Oval Office.

12. George W. Bush: Words with more than two syllables.

13. Barack Obama: Can only kill Osama Bin Laden once.

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