Apple is a very strange, but unique company.  Being an Apple user since the mid eighties,and the owner of an i-Phone,  I too was stumped by the 9:42 time set. Without reading the post (no peeking now), do you know the answer? Read on to discover the real reason.

Why does every iPhone shot in Apple ads, be it on TV or in print show the time set to 9:42? This question has been arousing curiosity for years now that led to much speculation. Everybody knows with the fruit company, things don`t just happen. There has to be a reason.

Now former Apple exec Borcher claims he can solve the mystery as to why Apple iPhone ads always show the time 9:42. According to Borcher, 9:42 is the time when Apple launched the iPhone.

if you ever see an Apple ad, print or TV, you look at the time and it’s always going to be 9:42 and 9:42 is when we launched the iPhone.

While that might be true,there could be more to the story.