This is great news for Spotify users, I being one of them. I thought the quality  was really good before, but now it's doubled, and, they have not increased the price. I became a Spotify member when it first came to America, and love it to death. Spotify is the future of music for the masses in my opinion. The days of "ownership" are fast coming to an end, much the same as the cd, cassettes, 8 track, and even vinyl. Try it for free on their was great and now it's even better.

Spotify has updated its app for iPhone and iPod touch, raising the streaming quality to match that on offer through the desktop client

The upgrade app now features the 'Extreme' option to stream tracks at 320kbps, which is double the quality that currently on offer. Previously the app boasted two playback options, Low Bandwidth (96kbps) and High Quality (160kbps).

The new option offers streaming even higher than the 256Kbps tracks purchased from the iTunes Music Store.