Move over Burger King!  There's a new number two burger joint!

It appears that Wendy's recent facelift has helped it overthrow Burger King - which used to sit at number two, behind McDonald's.

It's nearly impossible to knock No. 1 McDonald's from its perch. So that's why fast-food restaurant Wendy's (WEN -0.39%) is instead focused on the No. 2 spot and, according to reports, has dethroned Burger King to become America's second-most-popular burger joint.

The strategy? Higher-quality food, redesigned restaurants and marketing that showed American consumers who's the best -- behind McDonald's, of course.

The marketing shift has apparently paid off.

In 2010, Burger King's market share in the burger biz was 13.3%, while Wendy's share was 12.8%. But thanks to healthier options -- including skin-on fries seasoned with natural sea salt as well as higher quality fare like its premium Dave's Hot 'n Juicy Cheeseburgers line -- reports indicate big gains for Wendy's.

According to a report by Janney Capital Markets released Tuesday, Wendy's likely has passed Burger King in market share this year.

However, Wendy's probably shouldn't rest too comfortably on it's laurels.  Yesterday's news

was that Burger King was revamping it's french fries in an effort to stay equally competitive.