Many years ago when the Imogene McGrath Memorial Library was only a dream, Jim Amundson was one of the first to help bring it to fruition. Of course, that was Jim, always ready to pitch in and help whenever needed. Tuesday, August 12th, I hope you'll attend the Jim Amundson Memorial Picnic at the IMML. The picnic starts at 5 P.M. with free hot dogs, chips and lemonade for all. At 5:45 is the dedication of the Jim Amundson Memorial Tree, and at 6 the Zoo Mobile presents "Animals in Action, and "Nocturnal Animals" at 7 P.M. All funding for this years event was provided by Jim's family. Come one, come all, it's fun for the whole family. Parking available next to the library, the post office,  or on Lake Avenue. See you there!