The Cars are driving to a record store near you.  Best of all Rick Ocasek is behind the wheel. After being off the charts for several years, and terrible tour to boot, they could use a shot of high octane.

This is not a reunion — it's more like a conjunction." That is how singer-guitarist-songwriter Ric Ocasek of the Cars describes Move Like This, the band's first studio album in 24 years. "I never thought I'd make another Cars record," he claims.

But a year ago, Ocasek found himself with new songs, "a lot of which I liked," he says. "It dawned on me: 'What if I called the guys? They'll do the best job, because they already know the whole thing.'"

To be released on May 10th by Hear Music, Move Like This was recorded last year in Los Angeles and upstate New York by the entire surviving band:

After the Cars broke up in 1988 over personal tensions and fading success, Ocasek refused to consider a reunion. "I held out," he notes, "for 23 years." He reluctantly gave his blessing when two band members toured in 2005 as the New Cars, with dire results. But Ocasek insists "the only thing that got it together again was these songs.

"I wouldn't mind doing more records," Ocasek adds, although he is leery of touring. "This is not 'We're back, and you're gonna hear the hits.'"  "It might be fun to do a couple of shows," Ocasek says. And he's ready to do his best when it's time to sing "Drive."

via New Wave Heroes the Cars Roar Back on Reunion Record | Rolling Stone Music.