Having been involved in the film industry for years, I've  invested heavily in several movie projects. Now, for a few paltry dollars, you too can become an investor of magnitudinal proportion like myself. If the public likes it, you'll be wealthy. If it fails don't blame me.  After all, I haven't been right in the head since they took away my casting couch.

A company called Audience Productions has filed to go public with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and are selling $10/share preferred stock to people who want to invest in the movie they’re creating.

The movie is called “Lydia Slotnick Unplugged“:

“Lydia Slotnick Unplugged” is a comedy about an up and coming executive at a hip music TV network.

Sound good to you? Then you’ll definitely want to invest. Because the movie will only be made if they raise the full $8 million. Your minimum purchase is 2 shares, for $20.

Here’s what you get – your money back + 7% if the movie makes a profit. Any profit over 7% is shared 50/50 between the investors and the people behind the company. If the movie makes less than $8 million, all of it goes back to the investors.

via Want To Buy Into A Hollywood Movie? Now You Can.