Servicemen And Women Get A Free Meal For Veteran’s Day
Who says there's no such thing as a free meal?!  For the 5th year, Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Grand Casino Hinckley are offering a free meal to veterans and active servicemen and women at the Grand Buffet on Sunday, November 11th.  The meal is being offered to honor our military for …
Should Women Be Allowed in Combat? — Survey of the Day
Last week, the Pentagon decided open up thousands of near-the-front-line military jobs to female military personnel who were previously restricted from such roles.
Women are still banned from combat, although this move to put them closer to harm’s way has upset some, including Republican presidential…
US Army May Issue Smartphones for Combat Use
After a successful trial run using touchscreen phones and tablets in combat, US Army officials say they may begin equipping service members with the devices later this year. It would be used to complement tactical radios and other existing technology.
Smartphones can be used to text updates about su…
Eight Heartwarming Videos of Soldiers’ Surprise Homecomings
On Memorial Day, we commemorate all the U.S. soldiers who've died while serving our country. With so many of our servicemen and women currently on dangerous overseas assignments, it's also a time to think about their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their families back home.
In these videos, families …
Russian Soldiers Cause Massive Avalanche Using Artillery
File this under FAIL. Some Russian soldiers were shooting some artillery rounds into a mountain side when they triggered a huge avalanche.  I love when they realize that it's coming right for them and start running, oops! See the video after the break...
American F-15 Fighter Jet Down In Libya
An American F-15 fighter jet crashed in Libya, thankfully both pilots ejected safely and were rescued by Libyan rebels.
The plane was discovered by a British journalist who ran into wreck in the middle of a field. See the video of the crash site after the break.

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