Deep Voiced Men More Attractive To Women
There's a reason Barry White was so successful with his seductive music.  New research shows that women remember men with deeper voices better than those with a higher-pitched tone.
Women are very sensitive to the pitch of a voice and will remember a deep voice above higher tones...
New Study Says Men Value Cuddling More Than Women Do
Who says men don't like to cuddle? Not the Kinsey Institute.
The group that studies human sexuality recently asked 1,009 heterosexual middle-aged and older couples in long-term relationships about how satisfied they are with their relationships and sex lives. The results may surprise you.
To Tuck Or Not To Tuck: Fashion Advice For Men
I'm of the belief that we have allowed the ideals of the "proper dress code" to erode to the point that the majority of American's dress like slobs.  There.  I said it.  This is especially true for American men.
That's why this article at caught my eye.…
Scientists Tell Why Some Men Are More Attractive
I'm just sittin here, checking my hands. I'll guarantee you you'll be  hecking yours within ten seconds of reading this article. For the record, mine's longer...waaay longer.
Men who worry about their attractiveness to women may now have a foolproof way to find out how good-l…