Congrats to the great city of Louisville. It has been selected as the ‘Manliest Town in America’ by the discerning folks at GQ.

While Louisville – pronounced “lou-uh-vool” by the locals- doesn’t spring to mind immediately when we think “macho,” the reason the largest city in Kentucky has been bestowed with this great honor is its patronage of the masculine arts. The four Bs –bourbon, baseball, boxing and betting—ensure there is always something dude-like to do in Louisville.

Some key spots in Louisville that are the social equivalent of putting hair on your chest? Proof on Main, a bourbon lounge, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and nab a customized piece of lumber on the way out, but not before watching a chunks of wood fashioned into those signature bats. There’s also the Muhammad Ali Center, which celebrates the city’s most famous export. Take a tour of the six-story building and absorb all that was Cassius Clay and all that became “The Greatest.”

Horse racing fans can converge on the city for the famed Kentucky Derby, where you can meet chicks who like to dress up and wear big hats. It’s like our own Royal Wedding!

The town motto is “Industry and punctuality by persevering” but maybe the mayor should change it to “Man Town.” Or has Kim Kardashian already trademarked that?

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