Kardashian Family Accused Of Sweat Shop Labor
Is the "fame-clock" at 14:58?  It appears that bad press continues to mount for the Kardashian family.  Now they're being accused of using "sweat shop" labor to make their clothing line.
A human rights group is investigating claims that Chinese workers as young as 16 are working i…
Do the Kardashians Use Slave Labor to Make Their Clothing Lines?
While the American public has been more than a bit slavish in its dedication to all things Kardashian in recent years, a new allegation claims actual slave labor is involved in generating part of the family’s $65 million annual income.
Star magazine says workers in China — some as young as 16 — earn …
Kardashian Touch Turns To Coal For Sears
It seems like everything that the Kardashian family touches turns to gold.  Well, almost.
Sears bet a large portion of their Black Friday and holiday shopping sales on the Kardashian-clans new line of clothes and accessories.  From initial sales reports, that might not have been a good thin…