Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s Hair Loss Problem: Real Or Fake?
Is she or isn't she?  That was the question everyone had for Jessica Simpson before she publicly revealed that she was expecting with child number two.  Now, sources close to the one-time actress, pop singer, country singer, model, reality-show star are contradicting themselves over h…
Jessica Simpson’s Pregnant TMI
Well, she did it with her first pregnancy and it appears that she's going to follow suit with her second;  Jessica Simpson is offering "too much information" for some people, as she's pregnant with child number two.
Jessica Simpson’s Attitude On Post-Baby Weight Fluctuates
So which is it?  Like most celebrities, Jessica Simpson has had to endure, confront, and develop attitudes on her weight.  Although she wasn't very vocal about her thoughts on the issue early on in her career, she made news as she dropped a massive amount of weight for her starring ro…