So which is it?  Like most celebrities, Jessica Simpson has had to endure, confront, and develop attitudes on her weight.  Although she wasn't very vocal about her thoughts on the issue early on in her career, she made news as she dropped a massive amount of weight for her starring role in The Dukes Of Hazzard movie.

Not long after the movie though, Simpson appeared to temper her views as she starred in and developed a television show called "Jessica Simpson's The Price Of Beauty".  In the critically-acclaimed show, Simpson traveled around the world spotlighting what passes for beauty in other cultures and countries.  The overall message of the program was that the ideals of beauty are often fickle and put undue burdens on our youth.

Then, Simpson got pregnant and relished in her baby-weight gain - becoming a model for expectant mothers everywhere.  With the attention and visibility afforded her celebrity, Jessica Simpson showed the critics that it was natural and healthy to gain weight during pregnancy.

After the birth of Maxwell, Simpson publicly went back on the weight-loss wagon. Recent news accounts suggest that she sought the aid of weight-loss surgeons, but they refused to give the new mom a lap-band procedure - so she turned to the confines of Weight Watchers, agreeing to be a spokesperson.

At a photo shoot for Weight Watchers this week, Simpson showed off a slimmer self - but the tabloids are crying foul - suggesting that she has a long way to go.

At the end of the day, we're probably not done hearing about Simpson's weight issues - or lack there of.

What do you think?  Does our culture place too much of an importance on weight?