Quick!  What do Daisy Fuentes, Paula Deen, and Jessica Simpson have in common?  ...They're the latest round of celebrities that are rolling out their own lines of prescription eyeglasses - even though they wouldn't be caught dead wearing their own specs in public.

[P]aula Deen, the television cooking personality, introduced a line of prescription eyeglasses, retailing for about $30 each in Wal-Mart stores nationwide, a few aisles away from her popular casserole dishes. There are a dozen pairs in the collection, each the kind of acetate rectangle that’s become ubiquitous.

Never mind that Ms. Deen, who is nearsighted and farsighted, wears contact lenses when in public

Meanwhile, Daisy Fuentes is doing something similar.

[T]he former MTV V.J., has a prescription-eyewear licensing deal with Zyloware. “We were looking for a women’s Latina-driven collection of prescription glasses,” said Jamie Shyer, the chief operating officer of Zyloware, an eyewear manufacturer that also has licensing deals with the “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson and Sophia Loren.

“Daisy sells about $300 million worth of goods, clothing, accessories, sunglasses at Kohl’s department stores each year,” Mr. Shyer said. “People at Kohl’s see her name everywhere. We built a collection around her, and it’s been very successful.”

Yet Ms. Fuentes, 44, is not famous for wearing glasses, and she wears them only for reading, her spokeswoman said.

And not to be left out, Jessica Simpson - who had Lasik surgery so that she didn't need glasses - is touting a new line of licensed frames available through optomitrists.

In contrast, there's Lisa Loeb - the folky-pop songstress.



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