Lake Superior Zoo Tragedy In Duluth
One of the big rumours this morning while I was on the radio was that the Lake Superior Zoo lost all it's animals in the floods. The Polar bear did escape but was caught a short time later and the  seals were on Grand Avenue. Here's the full story
Pasta Prices On The Rise (Along With The Flood Waters)
As flood waters rise this spring around the heartland, the destruction isn't limited to the family farm;  Prices at the grocery store are also affected - primarily pasta.
North Dakota had finished planting only 44% of its durum wheat crop as of June 19...
Amazing Video of Flood Water Washing Away a Train Track
Extreme flooding has been all over the headlines this month as the Mississippi flooding continues to do damage down South.
But last month our friends to North had some flooding problems as well, a Canadian National (CN) Railway employee caught this amazing video of flood waters washing out the land u…