As flood waters rise this spring around the heartland, the destruction isn't limited to the family farm;  Prices at the grocery store are also affected - primarily pasta.

North Dakota had finished planting only 44% of its durum wheat crop as of June 19. Usually the planting would be done by now. Flooding has forced thousands of residents to flee parts of the state, which produces more than two-thirds of the U.S. durum crop, a key ingredient in pasta, couscous and a host of other grain-based staples in consumer cupboards.

That means higher prices will be eating into grocery budgets very soon.

And because pasta is such an integral part of our cuisine, no one is left unscathed.

Food companies -- including Kraft (KFT) with its iconic blue-box macaroni and cheese and Campbell's (CPB) with its chicken noodle soup -- will feel the pinch. So will restaurant chains that use durum, including pasta-loving Italian restaurants and Chinese buffets that use the grain in noodles and batter.