One of the big rumours this morning while I was on the radio was that the Lake Superior Zoo lost all it's animals in the floods. The Polar bear did escape but was caught a short time later and the  seals were on Grand Avenue. Here's the full story

"Even though it's a large white object, it's pretty nerve racking," police spokesman Jim Hansen said of the chase for Berlin, the female polar bear. Zoo officials said she was darted by the zoo's vet and placed in quarantine.

Several sheep, goats and a donkey were killed by the flooding, said Susan Wolniakowski, director of guest services.

"Sadly the zoo experienced the loss of several animals, among them many of the barnyard residents," the zoo said in a statement.

Peter Pruett, the zoo's director of Animal Management, said the "entire staff is devastated."

Wolniakowski said all animals have been secured.

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