Beware: Fiscal Cliff Looms For U.S. Market
As a country, we've done nothing to manage our debt the last couple of years.  In fact - we've added to it at a record rate.  Wall Street-"dooms-dayers" foretell of a fiscal cliff that the market is headed for.
Low Tax Rate, Refund For Obama
I thought that millionaires were supposed to pay more in taxes?  Barack Obama's tax returns are public information and inquiring eyes have noticed two things:  His effective tax rate is lower than the 30% he proposes and he's also getting a very large tax refund!
One-Fifth Of U.S. Adults Don’t Use The Internet
The simple fact that you're reading this story puts you in the other category;  One-fifth of adults living in the United States don't use the internet.
Internet adoption among U.S. adults increased rapidly from the mid-’90s to about 2005...
The Rising Costs Of Cable Television
I'm not quite sure when - but sometime in our lifetime, cable television overtook broadcast TV as the default way that American's receive their video entertainment.  Roof-top antennas?  Gone.  Coaxial cable?  Hello!
Majority Of Hybrid Owners Wouldn’t Buy Again
The Obama administration might have a problem on their hands if they're counting on the money they've spent on hybrids turning into satisfied American customers;  Two-thirds of current hybrid owners say that they would never buy another...
Superior Makes Way For CVS Pharmacy
Looks like developers for CVS Pharmacy are on track for their early-fall 2012 target for the grand opening of the Superior, Wisconsin location at 28th and Tower.  Trucks and heavy equipment appeared at the location the middle of last week and demolition of the convenience store that used to be …
Sony Corp Sheds 10,000 Jobs
In an effort to shore up the profits and reduce their losses, Sony Corp is cutting 6 % of their total global workforce.
The company’s new head, Kazuo Hirai, will confirm the reductions in what is sure to be a heavily watched briefing on Thursday, the country’s Nikkei n…
Half Of The World’s Food Is Thrown Away
The lack of reliable food sources plague large portions of our world - while at the same time, those that have food available to them waste more than half of it.
Hard data is still being collected, but experts at the Reuters Food and Agriculture Summit in Chicago this week said an estimated 30 percen…
Obama Continues To Tell Catholics To Go To Hell
Although the White House believes that it placated the Catholic Church on the issue of mandatory birth control, a growing group of legislators aren't in agreement.
Seven states have filed suit against the Department of Health and Human Services' mandate that nearly all health insurance plans cover co…
American Drivers Log Fewer Miles In 2011
Blame the economy.  Blame the cost of gas.  U.S. drivers logged fewer miles last year.
Last year, U.S. drivers logged 35.7 billion fewer miles over 2010 — down 1.2 percent — to 2.963 trillion miles, the Federal Highway Administration reported...
Get Ready For More Federal Food Rules; Dioxin Report Due
All eyes in the food industry are scanning the recently-released Federal Dioxin study for what it will mean for them. They're especially concerned that the Obama administration will place more costly restrictions on what American consumers can expect to see in the grocery store...

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