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Gordy’s Hi-Hat Takes You Behind The Counter [VIDEO]
Oh yes I did and I was thrilled!  My family has been going to Gordy's Hi-Hat since the day I was born, literally.  I was born at the Cloquet Hospital which is blocks from Gordy's Hi-Hat.  My father got tired of waiting for my arrival and left for lunch.  While he was AT Gordy's I was born and they h…
Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes With Drink Of The Week
Here’s a quick look at the guys putting things together for the drink of the week at the spirit room. It’s always a great time and Nick Cooper and Mini Cooper are shooting some great shots. So I want to give them props for the great work that they do.
What’s Behind (Or Inside, As It Would Be) The McRib
Who am I to look down my nose at what you eat;  Frankly, the average person who spent any amount of time around a food processing plant would probably never eat that product again.
You've probably heard that the McRib - the sandwich that McDonalds rolls out every so many years "for…