Sriracha sauce has been in the news a lot lately.  While the community where the red sauce with the green tip bottle is made has tried - unsuccessfully - to get the plant shut down over odor concerns, it seems like the hot sauce has suddenly shown up at just about every restaurant you go to.

While I certainly applaud new food trends, I have always been a fan of old classics.  Usually, what goes up always comes down and today's top-shelf product becomes tomorrow's value brand.  That adage is no more apparent than in the food and beverage world, where long-time favorites are always being replaced by the next best thing.  [As an aside, research Miller High Life and Miller Genuine Draft to see what I'm talking about]

So the whole idea that Sriracha sauce is this novel product has been puzzling me for a while.  There has always been a hot sauce available - and it's known as Tabasco.  And - in my personal opinion, Tabasco is a better-quality product that Sriracha sauce.

For a while, I thought I was alone in my thoughts.  That is, until I ran across a blog article by Dominique Zamora with  Her take on the popularity of Sriracha and the benefits of Tabasco mirror mine.  Her list - linked here - makes for interesting reading.

What's next?

Why Tabasco Is – and Always Will Be – Better than Sriracha |Foodbeast.