The FDA is warning people to look closely at their health and beauty items, especially sun tan and sunscreen products. Look to see if the product says flammable.

The FDA has said that they have instances where people were doing something as mundane as standing in line waiting for food and got too close to a flame and started on fire. The warning is on the bottle!

According to UPI, "You should never apply a product labeled as flammable while you are near a source of flame," Dr. Narayan Nair said. "In the five incidents reported to FDA, the burns occurred after the sunscreen spray had been applied. The ignition sources were varied and involved lighting a cigarette, standing too close to a lit citronella candle, approaching a grill, and in one case, welding."

This also includes hair care products and cologne and purfume sprays. These products contain alcohol and can be flammable if too close to a flame.

The UPIarticle goes on to say, These incidents suggest that there is a possibility of catching fire if a person is near an open flame or a spark after spraying on a flammable sunscreen -- even if you believe you have waited a sufficient time for the sunscreen to dry and your skin feels dry, Nair said.