Sena Ehrhardt is making her third appearance at this year's Bayfront Blues Festival. Growing up in a blues family with heavy influence from her father Ed Ehrhardt, (a great bluesman in his own right), Sena is keeping the blues family tradition going..on her own terms.

With two albums under her belt, and eight years worth of blues gigs, Sena is well positioned to go to the top, as evident in her latest album All In. Reviews are through the roof, and the many awards she won in 2012 are well earned and deserved.

Sena Ehrhardt will be performing on the main stage, Saturday at 12:05. Order your passes today at Bayfrontblues.com, or the Electric Fetus, and receive a discount. Single day pass prices are reduced as well, but must be ordered online only. All discounts end August 8th. Come see and hear Sena, she's well worth it. Enjoy the interview!!