Robert Cray
Robert Cray started playing guitar in his early teens, and by the late 1970's formed the Robert Cray Band. Cray signed with Mercury  Records and recorded a couple good albums, Bad Influence and False Accusations. It was his  fourth album however, Strong Persuader, that really stood out and won him a Grammy Award.

The album Strong Persuader is loaded with gems and blues treasures. A friend gave me the CD as a gift, and I still remember the first time I played it. I was sitting in my condo in Hampton Beach New Hampshire, gazing out my window at the Atlantic. I let my mind drift as the CD played one song after another, when I was almost jolted out of my chair as I heard the first few chords of  I Wonder. The song moved me then and still does today, and remains one of my all time favorites. I need to share it with you, perhaps it will affect you the same way it did me.

Robert Cray was inducted to the Blues Hall of Fame in 2011, and continues to record and tour. Robert Cray will be appearing at the 25th Annual Bayfront Blues Festival, headlining on Friday August 9th at 9:15 on the main stage. Robert Cray is a true blues legend you need to see. Order your tickets  today at, or the Electric Fetus. I hope to see you there, and enjoy the song!!