Rudy Hummel has a personal goal to sleep outside for a year to help make sure people and animals can have the homes they need. When he started sleeping outside last June, it was because he was challenging himself, then when the temps dropped there was more to it.

Rudy says," In December, an idea struck me. Would people pledge money for each night I slept outside? Like pledging for miles run, or laps swum? I thought about what’s important to me, like the outdoors. I also thought about how many people have to sleep outside all the time, without sleeping bags or warm clothing. At first glance, these don’t seem very well connected, but to me they are. Caring for people is important, and so is caring for the environment that sustains us. Treating nature well is treating each other well, both now, and for generations yet to come. It’s our habitat, too. We all live on this planet together."

Rudy set out to get people together and also to raise money to help people. He chose to partner with Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, and Habitat for Humanity.

Now as he is coming to the end of his 365 days outside, he wants everyone to join him.

Listen to the interview as he asks for your help.Connect with his website here.