Rudy Hummel was on the show a couple of months ago, and he was talking about sleeping outside. He did it for 365 days. Tonite is his last night. This is what he had to say on his website.

Hey everyone! Tonight is my last night sleeping outside out of 365. Please, please, please tell your friends to visit my website and contribute! Also, I'm inviting as many people as possible to sleep outside tonight. Pitch a tent in your yard, or just put a sleeping bag on your front porch. Post pictures on our Snore outdoors Facebook page. Share the sky with me!

His Dad left a message for everyone too on the website.

This is it! Rudy’s last night sleeping outside! Tonight completes his one-year personal journey. He’ll celebrate with a press conference this afternoon. Then a few close friends will pitch tents, play games, and sleep out in the back yard. Please sleep out in your back yard tonight, or wherever you’d like, and post a picture to this website tomorrow.

We’re winding down the fundraisers, too. If you’ve been thinking about donating, tonight would be a great time to do it. To those who have already given, you have our deepest gratitude. And remember, there are many ways to “Be the difference you wish to see in the world.”

And speaking of making a difference in the world, June 6th is the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion that began the liberation of Europe from Nazi terror. We honor those fallen, those wounded, and all those who fought for the freedoms we so enjoy today. – Rudy’s Dad.

Thanks Rudy for a job well done!!