Chappy's, a New Orleans Cajun restaurant had it's business ruined by Gordon Ramsey. "It was truly a kitchen nightmare for me" said owner Chappy Chapman. "It was confrontation from the get go,"

Chapman says Ramsay trimmed down Chappy's menu to twenty items, eliminating some of his most popular dishes. In addition, Ramsay had his decorating team redo the decor as well. Customers hated the new menu, and decorating schemes, one regular equating it to that of a funeral parlor.

Chappy's went from serving two hundred customers a night to a single table. Customers looked at the new menu and walked out . They wanted gumbo, fish, shrimp and oysters...not the cheeseburgers, hush puppies and fried chicken on Ramsay's menu.

According to Chappy, and the  National Enquirer "Ramsay's scouts came in with a lot of promises, telling me business would boom. "That never happened, instead it killed my business".