A new cost could be added to your plane travels. Airlines are noticing that more people are overweight, larger people make the airlines have to use more fuel to run their planes. More fuel costs money, so in order to pay for the extra fuel, airlines want the people who are obese to pay their fair share.

A new so called "Fat Tax" could be added to your ticket as you check in, just like your bags and other costs. Larger people see this as a discrimination against them, while others are saying they should pay to keep ticket costs down.

According to Dailymail, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management editor Dr Ian Yeoman said: 'For airlines, every extra kilogram means more expensive jet fuel must be burned, which leads to CO2 emissions and financial cost. 'As the airline industry is fraught with financial difficulties, marginally profitable and has seen exponential growth in the last decade, maybe they should be looking to introduce scales at the check-in.'

Detractors say people will have to pay up front if they are heavy when they book, then they have no chance of getting that money back when they lose the weight in time to fly.

I think it is unfair, most of the time I see people who are large having to buy two seats sometimes and also using seat belt extenders.

Let's make up the cost somewhere else. Let's charge people who bring too many or larger bags on the plane just to get in on the free carry on rule.