The Wallflowers were a good group as well they should be. With Jacob Dylan (Bob's son) being influenced not only by his father, but even more so by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, it looked like a recipe for instant success. It didn't start out that way though.

The Wallflowers self titled album sold so poorly that Virgin dropped them from the label. Persistence prevailed however when T-Bone Burnett (a friend of Bob Dylan) took over the production role for their second album. With a new producer and record company (Interscope), Jacob and the boys did a much better job with Bringing Down The Horse. Jacob had matured, and it shows with hits like  "Invisible City", 6th Avenue Heartache" and my personal favorite "One Headlight."

From where I sit, anyone entering the music business has a tough row to hoe, especially if one's father is Bob Dylan. It's almost a certainty of failure, however The Wallflowers did manage to make the old man proud with Bringing Down the Horse. Find a place for it  in your music library.