Every week we talk to Animal Allies to help get the word out on some of these great animals hoping to get them all adopted. Megen told us about Norman. I know that animals can't talk but Norman must be able to type, here's what he had to say.

Please take me home with you! My name is Norman I'm a beautiful German Shepherd mix. I'm very outgoing and happy! I do tend to get relly excited when you bring out the toys but then I get distracted like I'm not sure how to play with them. Here's what the people at Animal Allies have to say about me......ruf ruf!!!!


Norman already knows how to "sit", "shake paw", and "come" and also enters his crate willingly. Norman is learning how to "leave it" and how to "down" on command. He is also getting to be an expert at retrieving and bringing the object back and dropping it at your feet. He loves playing fetch. However, he could still use further training as he gets jumpy when he's excited and forgets his manners.

Since Norman is energetic and wiggly he may knock down small children with his crazy antics and would probably do best in a home with older children or adults only. Norman is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and just waiting for his forever home! If you are interested in Norman please come visit him at Animal Allies in Duluth!