I'll admit from the get go that I'm not a die hard Beatles fan and never was. I grew up fast and hard. I saw the dirty side of life at a very young age and the cutesy silly ways of the Beatles seemed pretentious, even unreal to me. The flip side of the Beatles were  the Rolling Stones who seemed to have a better grasp of reality and life for the not so privileged.

That being said, The Beatles did change the face of music, were all excellent musicians, and left a mark on music that no group will ever surpass. Being in the business,  I've collected many Beatles songs and albums over the years, so when Paul McCartney released his NEW album, I thought I'd give it a listen. The reviews I read were glowing, and I bought it.

I couldn't help thinking as I listened, that recording an album must make Paul seem young, partially due I'm sure to his new wife who happens to be twenty years his junior. The more I listened however, the more I felt old, not new. It was like I was listening to a Paul McCartney & Wings album. Instead of listening to something new, the whole album with the exception of On My May To Work, reminded me of his songs of days gone by. Is that what it's supposed to do? I think not.

For the die hard Beatles or McCartney fan, I have no doubt you've already added this album to your collection. I've listened to New once, and I feel no need to listen to it again. In fact I'll probably take it to the pawn shop and sell it. I might get a buck or two for it if I'm lucky. I hope your experience is far better than mine.