Watching TV is one thing, binge watching is something else altogether. Binge watching is simply watching show after show. A good example is yours truly last night. I watched a show called "Oddities" on Netflix. It has season one, two and so on, with many episodes in each season. I loved the show so much, I watched the whole first season.

We can thank our younger generation for the binge watching phenomena, but now it turns out older people have been turned on to it as well, myself included. Because of my love for music, I watch documentaries and movies of musicians, and bands frequently. I average at least two a week, usually both on the same day. I guess I'm a binger, although I never considered myself one. Maybe I'm a book binger as well because I usually read two books at a time, sometimes three.

Is this binging stuff bad for us? Not at all. Psychologists say as long as we are in charge we're good. They say it's much the same as reading a book. We can choose how long we want to read...or watch. It's in our hands to do with what we please, so why not binge away!