The flood this past Summer destroyed a lot of recreation areas around the city, and some of the most obvious were in Chester Bowl. The water was diverted and problems arose with grants and other issues the DNR brought to light.

With Winter coming, there's the issue of where and how to people use to get over the recreation and ski areas. Many ideas were put forward, but the one that stuck was the snow bridge, like the ones used in Alaska.

Curt Leitz, Chester Bowl Improvement Club told the Duluth News Tribune, “It’ll be like the ones on logging roads,” he went on to say “It’s less expensive and safer.”

There's also the lightning strike of the chair lifts. It was fixed and painted with the help of a grant. Along with some snow being made with better water intake, the Chester Bowl recreation will continue, with speedskating, cross-country trails, and downhill skiing.

There's also plans for an access point on Kenwood Avenue with better and safer parking.

Chester Bowl is in dire need of volunteers and contributions, to sign up click here

Fun Video Of Snowboarding At Chester Bowl