Throughout the years I've taken some heat from my r&r buddies for my unwavering love of the Rolling Stones. I loved them when I first saw them, and have grown with them over the years. There's a lot to be said for longevity. Many bands have come and gone since the Stones first gig. The Stones kept rollin along however, and have gained the love and respect of millions not only here in America, but all over the world. They're "my band", and I'm proud of it. Always will be.

The Rolling Stones might be rethinking Mick Jagger’s lyric, “What a drag it is getting old,” as the legendary rockers celebrate a half-century since they played their first gig says The Daily.

Billed back then as The Rollin’ Stones, Jagger, guitarists Keith Richards and Brian Jones, bassist Dick Taylor and pianist Ian Stewart, along with a fill-in drummer whose identity is up for debate, performed at London’s Marquee Jazz Club on July 12, 1962.

Though there are no official plans for a tour this year, Richards, 68, said that the group has been rehearsing.

“There might be life in the old dog yet — we’ll die gracefully, elegantly wasted,” Richards told the BBC at a London photo exhibition chronicling the band’s history yesterday.