I love dogs, and we have three pugs at our house, two female and one male. Baby was the first, she's the cuddler in the family. Her favorite thing is to lay on my chest in the bed, then when I'm asleep, she lays on top of my head! Maybe my hair keeps her warm, who knows?

Ozzie and Dolly are my other two pugs. They are brother and sister. I named Ozzie after Ozzie Osbourne because he's nuts, crazier than a loon. Ozzie is the protector in the family.He thinks he's King Kong.

Dolly, like her brother, is half crazy too. She likes to play with her toys, and I'm convinced she thinks I'm nothing but a big toy. When I let them out in the morning, Ozzie runs out to guard the neighborhood against intruders visible only to him (told you he was crazy,) Baby cuddles up for a quick nap in her house, and Dolly refuses to go out until she gets to play with her favorite big toy...me.