Yup, times have changed since I was a kid comin up. Call me crazy if you like, but I thought sex was something between two people. I guess I was either wrong or I missed the love boat entirely.

I ran across this article in the Huffington Post about a dude who loves cars. No big deal, I went through my love affair with cars, and I had a couple honey's too. Three Cadillacs and a Corvette. I'll admit I do wonder from time to time where they are now or who owns them. Perhaps they were junked and sold for scrap, eventually being reborn into something else. Maybe a kitchen utensil like a fork or a spoon? Although I loved my cars, I don't feel that my past love affairs require me to quickly make an appointment with my shrink. Not yet anyway.

The man in the article claims he loves his cars so much, he's had sex with nine hundred ninety nine of them. He must have had some wild nights I'm thinking to myself as I read the article. Eventually the maturation process set it, and he's now given up his wild ways and settled down after he found the love of his life, a VW Beetle he calls "Vanilla."

It seems he is a "mechaphile," the term for someone sexually attracted to planes, trains and automobiles according to an article in the Huffington Post. Apparently, since this has been going on for forty eight years, he hasn't worried too much about his condition.

I wish him and his new love "Vanilla" all the best in their  relationship. I wonder if he'll still love her when she gets old and rusty?