Governor Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced that ten highway construction projects will receive funding through the state’s new $300 million Corridors of Commerce program. The projects will strengthen Minnesota’s transportation system by adding capacity and improving the movement of freight across the state.

“These projects will reduce travel times and improve safety for Minnesota citizens, and help our businesses transport their products more efficiently,” said Governor Dayton. “The number of projects from all over our state, which sought financing from this program, underscores the acute need for more transportation funding.”

Transportation improvements include the addition of lanes, bypasses and shoulders to essential travel corridors in the state. The bonding authority is effective July 1, 2014, with five projects scheduled to start in 2014, three in 2015 and two in 2016.

Here are the list of projects:

  • Hwy 2 Passing lanes from Cass Lake to Deer River $8-$10 2014 Freight Improvement
  • I-94 Lanes from MN 101 to MN 241 $35-$46 2014 IRC Capacity Development
  • Hwy 34 Passing lanes from Detroit Lakes to Nevis $11-$15 2014 Freight Improvement
  • Hwy 14 4‐lane Owatonna to Dodge Center $16-$20 2014 IRC Capacity Development
  • Hwy 610 Freeway from CSAH 81 to I‐94 $103-$131 2014 Metro Capacity Development
  • Hwy 14 4‐lane N. Mankato to Nicollet $20-$28 2015 IRC Capacity Development
  • Hwy 14 Nicollet Bypass (4 lane) $15-$25 2015 IRC Capacity Development
  • I-694 Dynamic shoulder lane from Rice to Lexington $35-$42 2015 Metro Capacity Development
  • Hwy 169 4‐lane from CSAH 15 to 1 mile east of CSAH 7 $14-$20 2016 Freight Improvement
  • Hwy 23 Passing lanes from Willmar to I‐90 $13-$19 2016 Freight Improvement