Over the years I've read hundreds of books on music, but in all honesty, this is by far the best, and most thorough I've ever read. Where many other band books may briefly touch on the dark side of music, my friend, Fito de la Parra holds nothing back. He tells it exactly as it was, with brutal honesty. You'll learn of the many struggles, deaths, and major obstacles Canned Heat went through, and how Fito was always the glue that kept the group going, never giving up. He would know, as he joined Canned Heat in 1967 and is still with them today. Fito takes you through the band's history from early formation in a style that takes you behind the scenes of the 60's on up. It's almost as if you were a member of the group itself.

Complete with many photos, Living the Blues is an encyclopedia not only of Canned  Heat and their many adventures, but also other bands and music of the times. The only place to purchase a new copy of the book is on the Canned Heat website, and at a very reasonable price too. You can also see this legendary group at this years Bayfront Blues Festival. I hope you buy the book, and come see the group in person. I'll be there as well, with the book in my hand.