There's a new app available that kids are using at an alarming rate. This app lets them send video, pictures or text or a combination of all of them. People think it's being used for sexting and so far research says it's not.

You can set how long the message lasts before the Snapchat message self-destructs, by saying that, it doesn't blow up, it supposedly disappears. You can make it last anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds. You can also draw on the pictures, which is a big part of the appeal.

Accoring to 9news, they say there is a notion that the message disappears forever after it self-destructs. The trio of friends we talked to say users can capture a screen grab of a picture easily. In fact, Snapchat sends the message sender a note when the picture is grabbed. Another way to keep that message alive is by shooting it off the phone screen with another phone or camera before it disappears.

KARE 11 filed a report, and in the report Jake DeWoskin, an IT Security Expert with KDV Technology and Consultant, says, "Everything is permanent on the internet. Everything you do leaves an indelible mark,"  He says even if you don't screen grab or "shoot the message" with a different device, there are ways to recover it. "It's not particularly high tech. People who have copied data on and off their mobile phones are already using the same process that could be used to pull a video or pull an image off of a phone," DeWoskin explained.