Journey knee replacement AP view x-ray .
My wife, Mrs. Rayman,  was told she needed a total knee replacement by her doctor and as the pain was almost unbearable, her surgeon told her it was time. Prior to her surgery, I attended a couple classes, and was amazed by the number of people experiencing knee issues. If you or a member of your family have been told a total knee replacement is required, this video shows you exactly how it's done. It was of great help to me. I hope to you as well.

Mrs. Rayman had her knee replaced Monday August 5th, and I took her home Thursday the 8th. She is now able to be up and around for short periods of time with the use of a walker or crutches. She's made great progress since she got home, and while the healing process is gradual, and the pain sometimes difficult, exercise does speed up the process, and aids to a full recovery.