The Home Free Vocal Band is coming to Duluth, to put on their Christmas Show. Band, is used loosely, as they create all the instruments with their mouths and bodies. This Friday they will visit the KOOL morning show to sing live and demonstrate their unique take on the Christmas Classics.

Matt, one of the members visits on the phoneThursday with KOOL and talks about their brand of music, and their favorite tunes to sing. Then on Friday December 14th, in a lead up to their show at Mitchell Auditorium, they will sing live on the radio for you to enjoy.

Chris Allen will ask what got them together, who are their idols, how the name came about and other things that everyone will get to know.

Join Your Home For The Holidays KOOL 101.7 Friday at 8:30 am CST for the mini show, and to purchase tickets for the big show, click here.