Let me see if I have this right. If you take away Pink Slime, prices on beef will rise. If allowed to use  Pink Slime,  prices on beef  will rise anyway, because we have less cows. If we import more cows, beef prices again increase to cover the cost.  Me thinks I'm bein "took" here. How about we all  stop buying beef for a few months what say?

The pink slime scandal is about to get expensive.

The chemically treated filler is being pulled from packing plants and grocery stores at a time when cattle herds are already thin. Agricultural economists say the supply squeeze will send long-surging beef prices even higher.

“Lean finely textured beef was being used for a reason — it was a way to get lean beef cheaper than any alternative process,” said Glynn Tonsor, an agricultural economist at Kansas State University. “And right now we’ve got the lowest number of cows we’ve had in about 40 years.”