The breakfast of champions is on the ropes. Wheaties, a household name, it seems has been "rope-a-doped" by cereals touting better health. I don't know if there are healthier cereals available, or simply more aggressive advertising campaigns by competitors. I for one will stick with Wheaties for one reason. It works.

After nearly a nine decade run, the "Breakfast of Champions" is on the ropes.

Sales of Wheaties are down double digits for another year and the tailspin shows no signs of stopping. A brand that, in the 1960s, accounted for 6.5% of all breakfast cereal sold in the United States, now only has slightly more than 0.5% of the market.

"Wheaties had a clear brand identity," said Lloyd Moritz, who as editor of "The Breakfast Bowl," a blog dedicated to cereal, just might be the nation's foremost expert on the topic. "The problem was they rested on their laurels."

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