Duluth has some of the nicest, most challenging, oldest, and classic cross country ski trails is all of America. Some of the venues are proud of the job they do to keep them up. there are other trials in the city that need your opinion, who else would know them better than the people that ski them.

The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation has undertaken a public engagement process for at least two years in collaboration with Gary Larson (consultant) to plan for improvements and additions to the City's cross country ski trails. A plan was drafted utilizing people's opinions.  The plan addresses maintenance of trails, snow making, and wayfinding signs for example. Now the city wants you to look over what they did based on those comments and see if you agree or have any other comments. You can see the draft plan by clicking here.

The Parks and Recreation Commission will review and discuss the final draft of the Cross Country Ski Trails Master Plan at their upcoming meeting on August 13, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in the Central Hillside Community Center, 12 East 4th Street. They hope you have looked over the plan and are prepared to make your opinions known.