Sometimes I hear people complain that the snow plows, city, or city workers aren't doing their part to help get you out of your driveway or street. Sometimes it's a matter of co-operation between residents and city workers that makes things go faster.

City of Duluth snow plow operators have been working throughout the night to clear main and and residential streets of snow. As of this morning the main streets are in good condition but snow plow operators have been hindered in the residential areas due to cars parked on both sides of the street. We ask residents please move their cars to the "even" side of the street to allow snow plows access to clear the streets.

We also ask residents to follow these snow recommendations:

Please remember it is illegal to remove snow from your property and place it in city streets and alleys.

Please help out your neighbors that are having difficulty removing this snow.

People who park on the street should be extra diligent to follow these ordinances; no closer than 7 feet to the alleys or driveways, must park within 12 inches of the curb and parking or partially blocking driving lanes will result in a ticket and the car will be towed.

We thank everyone for their cooperation.