Another great example of today's average consumer. It's all about price, price, and more price. Even though the tablet is discontinued, has very few apps (with no more coming), and HP says it's getting out of the business, folks are buying all in sight at $99 bucks.

Best Buy has resumed sales of the HP TouchPad, after getting the message loud and clear that consumers believe the price is right, even if the tablet has been discontinued and the future of its operating system is uncertain.

Over the weekend, HP marked down the 16 gigabyte version to $99 and the 32GB version to $149, representing a price cut of $300 or more.

By Saturday morning, inventory on HP’s online store quickly ran out, and other retailers were scrambling to keep up with terms of the fire sale.

Best Buy previously had declined to sell the devices, but by today, the big-box retailer reversed that decision with a number of caveats.

“Due to HP’s decision to discontinue its TouchPad product, Best Buy® will now provide clearance pricing for all TouchPad 16GB and 32GB models (SKUs 2842056, 2842092) regardless of previously advertised prices or promotions,”