hdmi cable AVM92-2
You've seen them, I've seen them too. We want to save money and buy the reasonably priced HDMI cables, but then we see cables three or four times the price that claim to give you a better picture, better audio, less interference etc. What are we supposed to do?

Answer: Buy the most reasonable. There is practically zero difference between the two. Tech experts at Gizmodo and CNET noted inexpensive HDMI cords do not impact performance significantly in a standard home theatre. Experts at PopMech could not tell any difference between inexpensive and pricey cords. I've used inexpensive HDMI cords for years, and they work great.

Speaker Wires: If you will be using external speakers hooked to your receiver or TV, you'll need speaker wire. Don't get caught up in all the newfangled oxygen wires that can cost hundreds of dollars. You will get very good sound from 14 gauge, shielded copper speaker wire for as little as twenty five bucks.  Use 16 gauge if you need from ten to 100 feet, 14 gauge if your running 100 to 200 feet, and greater than 200 feet, select 12 gauge.