David Lee Roth originally left Van Halen (or was kicked out, according to him) in the 80's because he had aspirations of acting. He has posted films and videos of little cheesy things he does on his own, but this is a REAL film, or is it?

Even the Van Halen News Desk isn't believing that this is a real film. It is listed as a trailer, but it's a long trailer, and no one has stepped forward to say that there is more. Could this be another Diamond Dave spoof?

According to the Van Halen News Desk David Lee Roth has been busy. Roth has been living in Tokyo part-time since last year, where he was spotted in a tiny little yakitori shop. He admitted he is in a relationship with a Japanese woman, joking, “She’s half my age, which is no longer a legal issue.” He’s been busy with his sword training and martial arts training. He recently put together a Van Halen Japanese TV special. He’s been renting recording studio space in Japan and having fun learning Japanese. He put on his own radio show, ‘Tokyo Hi-Power Style’. And the 15 episodes of The Roth Show have had over 3 million downloads so far.

So at least we know the radio thing wasn't a passing fancy, and the sword thing isn't just for Van Halen concerts.

In the video, Roth strips down and evenually offs a guy who is picking on him. He has one line and delivers it in a low rumbly voice. You be the judge, is it a Japanese film, or a Roth film to try and get a job.