You hear it time and again on these paranormal shows, the life you lead determines how you portray yourself when you die and haunt a house. What kind of ghost would you want to be, or better yet, is it too late to be the scariest ghost you can be?

Grant Wilson, one of the founders of Ghost Hunters on SYFY posted this test and I took it and found out I would be a friendly ghost. Figures, I would want to be a ghost that can do tricks and scare people, and all I would be is a ghost like the couple from Beetlejuice.

Ghost Hunters has always been one of the most reliable shows on the air that look into the communication with spirits. I like the fact they only present evidence that can't be refuted and don't take into account that a noise couldn't be explained they are looking for video or physical evidence too.

Maybe you are wondering what kind of ghost you would be, or you've always suspected a ghost in  your house? Here's a couple of tests to help you.

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