There are legendary stories of murder, suicide, whispers, noises, objects being moved, and spirits caught on recordings.

According to Haunted Places rumors circulating around the Duluth area claim that in 1948, a man committed suicide by jumping off the 5th level of the tower head-first. He died on impact. The man's corpse was found hours later, and the man was never identified.

The University of Minnesota Duluth's Griggs Hall has a haunted toilet says Haunted Places, two students died in the bathroom in Griggs Hall after drinking too much. They can be heard moaning or talking.

Duluth International Airport is haunted by a woman who was killed on a road nearby. Haunted Places says she roams the airport after following her killer there.

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Black Woods Bar and Grill in Two Harbors has a couple of stories. There was a team that went in because one  of the workers says a spirit followed her home and got in bed with her and there is another woman that likes to straighten the place up.

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